MBA Fast Track Options Using RPL

Many people equate career success to their position and how much of money they make MBA . Anyone seeking executive placements will know many advertised jobs have a requirement for MBA. You might not think this is irrelevant, but without the MBA you won’t be shortlisted. It’s probably not worth the effort to apply and you might need to just keep on dreaming your grand plans for the future.

An MBA verifies professional experience and opens up executive level opportunities for promotion, change of job roles and salary increases. However, MBA study is expensive and takes up substantial time. It requires great effort and self-discipline to complete, especially if you’re working fulltime.

Entering MBA study programs requires demonstration of senior management level experience. It is common that people seeking MBA already have major commitments to work, family and personal life. The burden of study can create limitations on being able to study effectively.

Many companies once willing to sponsor staff to complete MBA have now restricted this due to tough economic circumstances. Competitiveness has increased in paid study programs with the limited places available, so you need to be at the top of the pack for any chance to secure a position.

There is a viable MBA option available if you are an executive. RPL can be used to fast track completion of MBA and it saves you a huge amount of money and time. Many people consider this is a dubious claim and often question if it is a legitimate form of study for post graduate qualifications. RPL assessment is fully endorsed by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), the guidelines for all post secondary study in Australia.

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