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Do you remember writing a personal essay in high school? These assignments are quite common at all colleges and universities. A lot more importantly, the board will ask students to create one when they submit an application. This topic is very popular. What does it actually mean?

Cultural identity is a group or person you identify yourself with according to one crucial factor . However, cultural identity is not only about a sense or feeling of belonging. It also includes a range of factors that you and your fellow members share based on this. This might include similar traditions, beliefs, and habits. How to write an essay on cultural identification?

Cultural Identity paper: Definitions, Goals, and Structure

One of the most fascinating aspects about writing personal essays, is their ability to reveal your character. They are also unique. Have you ever seen a Costco essay before? It is an example of what a captivating personal cultural essay should look. This is the basis of a cultural identity essay. It requires that you write about a key cultural influence that shaped you and formed your beliefs, ideas, and philosophy.

This essay’s purpose is to demonstrate what makes you special and to describe your chosen culture focus. To illustrate, you might write about your African American identity, the traditions of your community, and the ways it has shaped who you are. Write similarly about your experience belonging to American conservatives.
Basic Essay Structure Explained

Structure of cultural identity essay structure will be the same in all cases. The only difference is in its size. For example, a five paragraph essay might be typical in college. Yale might have ten paragraphs. But, the most important elements will remain the same.

Introduction. This is a crucial part of any cultural identity essay. It tells the audience who you are, and what makes you unique. In other words, it is your personal background. You should keep in mind that it depends on the essay's size. Overall, an introduction shouldn't exceed 10% of the overall cultural identity essay. It's important to not say everything, no matter how tempting. Wait until your body is finished. You should wait until the body is fully formed.
Thesis. Technically it's the last introduction sentence. But, given its importance, it should also be highlighted separately in this breakdown. Thesis refers as an argumentative, strong claim that must have been proven. It must reflect the purpose of your work. Does your work place a strong emphasis on Chinese Americans? Then, in your thesis, discuss how you were affected by it. Take a look at these examples of cultural identities essay thesis.
Body. This is where possible size differences may begin. For longer essays on cultural identity that are more than five pages (or more than 1500 words), you will need to include more paragraphs. A minimum of one body paragraph is required for shorter essays. Body is where you will prove your thesis. Here, you can provide analysis, establishing logical connections between ideas. You don't have to just mention "We celebrate Hanukkah." Be specific about how Hanukkah affected your cultural identity. Make sure to use proper opening/closing sentences to improve your readability.
Conclusion. You can reiterate any major points you've made. Continue to emphasize your thesis. Reiterating your cultural identity and how that has affected you is a good idea.

Tips to write a Cultural Identity Essay

Below is a list of useful tips to use in writing your identity essay. They will be of great help no matter what subject you choose.

You should choose your focus. It is important to focus. You may think you might have several cultural identities. So it’s important to choose the one which resonates the most. Remember that the more passionate about a topic, the more obvious it will be. The quality of cultural identity essay content is directly connected to it.
Brainstorm. Contrary to what you might think, it isn’t easy to find out what made you into the person you are today. This is an essential step. You should consider all aspects of cultural identity. Determine which aspects are most influential and which play a secondary position.
Before writing an essay, outline it. A lot of students enjoy writing down ideas, especially when the cultural identity essay is lengthy. This step can be skipped, if you are confident in the quality of your writing. If you aren’t confident, however, an outline can be helpful. It will keep you on track and help you remember what you are doing.
Describe. Use vivid examples. They will help you prove what influenced you and why. Do not simply state your ethnicity if you choose it. Show it by using all the details you can remember.
Use linking terms. This should be done for both opening and ending sentences. These words can include “therefore”,”thus”,,”furthermore”, “additionally”, etc. They build bridges between ideas, both logical and semantic. It is important to present facts in the right order. A paragraph should, for example, be focused on one aspect. The second paragraph should center on another element. They can be linked using linking words to make ideas flow naturally.
Stay true to yourself. You must keep your own focus, except when you are required to explain cultural identity concepts. Do not rely on any outside sources. Write about your personal experiences.
Proofread essay. It doesn’t mean that you are perfect at English. You will likely find mistakes, missing words or inconsistencies, as well as awkward phrasing.

Common Points of Focus in Cultural Identity Essays

Cultural identity essays can address many aspects about identity. Still unsure of what they are, Consider writing about gender. You’ve most likely been involved in gender-specific roles/traditions. Ethnicity is another option. It is possible to have cultural identity through language, particularly if you’re bilingual. Religion and family history have equal power, so use this topic for your cultural identity essay.

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