Baby Booties Shoes – Baby Needs Her First Pair Of Shoes – 3 Keys To A Successful Purchase

My wonderful granddaughter started to walk this fall. I have watched her go from rolling to walking in what seems like a blink. Now, I watch with delight as she toddles around the house, up and down stairs and struggles to stay upright while walking in the grass. Truly it has been a blessing to be so close that I get to be present for all of her growth and changes Hurtownia kurtek.

When my daughter started to walk and needed her first pair of shoes, there were stores nearby that specialized in children’s shoes and helping new parents make the right purchase. Since there is not a children’s specialty shoe store nearby, my daughter did some internet research to find out the when and how of making this important first purchase. Here are 3 keys items to consider when purchasing baby’s first shoes.

When is it time to put walking shoes on her little feet? When your baby starts taking those first steps, it is usually inside. Many babies will master the art of staying upright inside their home before they venture outdoors with their new learned skill.

It is best for your baby to get the art of walking down before you place shoes on their feet. It is easier for them to walk, stand and maintain their balance if they are barefoot. Allowing them to first learn how to use both their foot and toes muscles unrestricted by shoes provides them with a strong sense of balance. The time to put shoes on their feet is when you decide to take them outside for walking practice.

What materials are best? Baby’s first shoes should be porous enough so that their feet can breath and not become all wet and stinky with sweat. A soft canvas, cloth or leather shoe will allow their feet to breath. Flexibility in baby’s walking shoes is a must. A good test is to see how easily you can roll the shoe up into a ball. It is important that the shoe have enough flex so your baby can continue to use his or her feet properly for balance. Materials that don’t restrict or hinder your child’s movement are best for a first shoe purchase.

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