Best Mobile Phone In india – The Vivo V21 Pro

Vivo has just announced the Vivo V21 Pro. This new model is being offered with some great features which make it different than its predecessors Vivo V21 Pro . There are many advantages which come with this handset. Apart from the usual functions like messaging, browsing, playing audio/video, using the GPS facility and taking pictures the new Vivo has some special features which make it stand out. Lets have a look at some of them.

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One of the biggest advantages with the Vivo V21 Pro is its camera. It has a 16 megapixel camera which has an advanced dual auto focus as well as optical image stabilization. It also has a dual flash system and the camera is protected by a scratch resistant body. There is a notification LED which informs you about the power levels and the time remaining until the next alarm.

Apart from the camera there is a notification centre which is present on the homescreen. This centre lets you know about your missed calls, emails as well as texting and internet usage. The software on the phones is smooth and has been designed keeping in mind the android user experience. There are several unique features present in the android version of the vivo v 21 pro. These include the Google Now cards, which provide instant information about the places, historical events and destinations along with the images associated with them.

When it was launched, it was only available in white and black colours. With the launch of android 11 it has been launched in grey and blue colours as this skin has been introduced with the latest google software which is available for free on the android market. It is very attractive looking and comes with a unique looking curved design which is similar to the HTC Desire.

The phone has two storage options which include built in and external memory. The built in storage can be accessed using the handwriting recognition facility which has been featured on the handset. When the user goes for downloading a lot of apps, they can remove the app which they do not require and instead store it in the external memory which is easily accessible through the micro SD slot. There are plenty of advantages which have been launched with the launch of the Vivo Y 72 Plus and one of these is the multitasking ability of the handset which is not available with any other smartphone.

The android application development market is going crazy with the launch of the ovoo v 21 pro and the other android smartphones which are being launched with every other day. It is expected that in the next two months the android devices would surpass the iPhone in terms of the sales volume. The pricing of these handsets is very competitive and if you want to purchase one, you can get them through online shops which will offer you great discount on them. The downloading option as offered by the internet also offers you unlimited download of the latest addition to the android smartphones and this feature is not available on the iPhones.

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