Answers For a Lower Golf Score

Its the oldest question in the book when it comes to golf. How do I lower my score quickly what is shsat? If you’re reading this you have probably already read that the quickest way to improve your score is to improve your putting. Its a matter of simple math. You putt more than any other shot on the course. Putting usually accounts for at least 40-50% of your total stroke count. If you aren’t already putting the time in on the practice green, you should be focusing more on putting.

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If you already spend ample time on the practice green, it may be time to learn what to practice. Do you have an effective pre-putt routine? Do you spend enough time reading the green? Are you using the right putter? These are all questions that must be answered in order to achieve a lower golf score.

To effectively practice, and improve your putting you have a few areas to focus on. There are generally two techniques in putting. You either swing the putter like a pendulum straight back and forward through, or you use a more arced swing that follows the natural twisting of the wrists. More like with any other club. There is putters designed specifically for each style of putting.

You should make sure you have the right one. A pre-putt routine is required to put you in the proper state of mind. This is very important. The mental aspect of putting (and all golf shots) is so crucial to success that it cannot be overlooked. You should develop a pre-putt routine that works for you. Learning to effectively read the green is something that can save you many strokes. It will become part of your pre-putt routine, and if you become adept at reading greens your score will drop dramatically.

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