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Starting a business can be a stressful time as there are many things that can go wrong and a lot to lose if you are not successful. Not only do you need to get everything ready if you are selling a product or service, like a premises through which to sell, payment systems, staff and all the other technical details that go into making a business work, you also need customers to buy your products. Marketing your business and advertising to the local area and the rest of the nation can be done in many ways and the most popular will be discussed in this article. I will be using Leeds as my example location, simply because I know the area and it is the nearest city to where I live, but you should change the location to suit your specification.

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We have all seen adverts on TV for new products, supermarkets, injury lawyers and the like Adani Group Chhattisgarh. The majority of these companies work on a national if not a global scale, and can afford to spend thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of pounds on an advertising campaign. For start up businesses however, it is a sensible idea to stay away from TV advertising, at least until you are making large profits.

That does not mean you have to avoid televised publicity altogether though. If you can make your new business tie in with a news worthy story, your business may get coverage on your local news program. In Leeds you could approach Look North or Calendar with information about your new company and if they think it is worth some attention, you could find yourself being interviewed by the local reporter. The number of people who watch their local news on a daily basis is massive, so think of all the potential customers you could be reaching with this method.

News resources are a great source of publicity, with newspapers being one of the best ways for you to announce your new business. Regional newspapers accept press releases from anyone and will pick the most newsworthy story from the hundreds they receive every week. For yours to stand out it needs to be well written and include all the necessary information, have an angle relating to the region or traditions or family values etc, and make the journalist connect with your story. You can find help with writing press releases in books and online.

The internet is the fastest and most convenient way for most people to find information. With a few clicks of your mouse you can get telephone numbers, email addresses and websites for restaurants, cinemas, retailers, and yes, your business. You don’t even need a website to get listed in local search engine results when someone searches for your business by name. If customers have reviewed your business or one of your press releases has been put online, it may appear without you having to do anything.

However, to get maximum publicity on the web, you should employ a website design firm to create a website through which you can advertise and even sell your products or services. By typing website design Leeds into Google, I am presented with thousands of companies all in competition for my business. You may also be able to see a map with links to 1, 3 or 10 website design companies in Leeds and their location. You can have a site built for relatively little money compared to the profits you could see from having a presence on the internet. Choose a website design company that has an in-house SEO department, as they can help to market your website on social media, social news, local directory and niche directory websites. The number of consumers you are reaching when you have a well-marketed website can be tens of millions, and if they like your products, there is no reason why you cannot get customers from different counties, countries and continents.

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