Surviving the YouTube Slap Part 1 – The New User

YouTube began enforcing their terms of service in several very specific ways that has impacted online marketers. In the past few weeks YouTube instituted what is known as a slap, was predictable and it may reach wide and deep before the dust settles and we gain a complete understanding of what this means for Internet marketers. You Tube has become a favorite platform for both legitimate Internet marketers and unfortunately on line spammers. The spammers and a few gamers may have spoiled the party for many well meaning marketers who consistently provide value to their viewers.

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I personally know two big Internet marketers in the network marketing niche who have had all or most of their channels shut down and have lost tens of thousands of page views and friends connections as a result. To their credit they acknowledge why their accounts were closed and have vowed to correct their own “terms of service” violations and teach others how to do the same buy youtube views .

Content aggregators like Google, Yahoo, YouTube and others are focused on the customer experience. The priority of these companies is to deliver “relevant” content to their end users based on their chosen search criteria. When a marketer games the system by manufacturing search results that do not serve the end user – watch out.

In this HUB Page I am going to share a number of suggestions designed to help you survive the YouTube slap and thrive through this transition by focusing on value creation and the development of your personal brand. This HUB will address best practices for you regardless if you are new to YouTube, a regular user with one of more accounts, or an aggressive video marketer with several accounts, automated systems, hundreds of videos and thousands of page views.

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