How to Design Your Own T-Shirt With a Design Tool

Most people find it interesting to design their t-shirts, it’s a unique form of creativity that might end up being a source of income if you choose to sell the designs you have made. You can design your t-shirt anywhere, all you need is a design tool that can be accessed online.

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It’s quite easy to customize your shirt with an online t-shirt design tool Comme des Garçons Playss shirts . The following procedures that are essential in the online design of t-shirts include the following;

1. It is important to know what you want the design of your t-shirt to represent prior to the utilization of an online t-shirt design tool. The choice of design could either reflect the goals or objective of a business or organization, it could be a promotional design, it could be a symbol to convey a particular information across to people, amongst others. The choice of design depends on the purpose for the customization. For instance, a t-shirt that is designed to promote the awareness of a business or company requires a logo. The use of logos in designs has helped to promote the awareness of so many companies. T-shirts can be designed with personal images or public domain images that are available online. Drawings can also be used for representation while designing t-shirts, the use of colors can be used to enhance how vivid the drawings are.

2. The choice of color is very important in the design of t-shirts online. The use of contrasting colors brings out the beauty of a well-designed t-shirt. It is important to know the right colors that will come out well against either a bright or dark colored background, especially when the t-shirt is printed out. Some designs look great on the computer but look terrible on the printed t-shirt. Pastel colored letterings can be outlined with a dark color to highlight the drawing or text on the t-shirt.

3. The addition of dimension while designing a t-shirt gives it extra depth, it also brightens the design of the t-shirt. Dimension can be added to a t-shirt by using t-shirt software with a manipulation of high capacity or by the utilization of Inkscape to create of a vector outline.

4. You must ensure that the design on your t-shirt is balanced, every feature present in the design must be cohesive. The cohesive features of any t-shirt design attracts the attention of people compared to a design with scattered elements.

5. Make a decision on the placement of the selected design for your t-shirt. It could be at the center, top, side or bottom of the t-shirt. You can either choose to design the front or the back of the t-shirt. The purpose of the design will determine its placement. For instance, a promotional design should be placed at the center of the t-shirt.

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