Prostate Cleanse

The prostate is a small walnut sized organ located at the base of the urethra and plays a vital role in the male reproductive system. The prostate assists in the manufacture of semen, which is the whitish-milky fluid that carries sperm from testicles through the penis. The prostate encircles the urethra which is a tube that carries urine out from the bladder into the penis.

The prostate is prone to a variety of disorders. In the younger age group, the prostate can develop an inflammation that is known as Prostatitis. The condition presents with chronic pain and difficulty in urination. The present day treatment of Prostatitis is not satisfactory and individuals continue to have pain and discomfort for many years.

One other common condition of the prostate is benign hypertrophy. Occurring commonly in elderly males, it starts off with dripping of urine. Later there is continued hesitancy and urgency when going to the bathroom. When the prostate grows large, it blocks the urethra and makes urination difficult and very painful. In some cases, there is no urine output.

Today, benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) is initially treated with medications but moderate to severe cases of BPH require some type of surgical procedure. Both surgery and medications have a number of side effects and long-term complications.

The prostate is also prone to developing a cancer. Prostate cancer is very common among elderly males and prostate protocol reviews is often not detected until it has grown large. The treatment of prostate cancer is varied; ranging from drugs, hormones, and surgery. There is at present no satisfactory treatment for prostate cancer.

Finally, many men also have problems with erections and ejaculation. Since there is no great medical therapy for these disorders, many men have been turning towards herbs, spices, and prostate cleansing to spice up their sex life.

Because of unsatisfactory treatment of the above prostate disorders with conventional medical and surgical therapy, many individuals have now turned towards alternative health care for treatment. Today, a variety of prostate cleanse formulas are available to help prevent or treat the above prostate disorders. To start-, all consumers should thoroughly understand that alternative health care treatments with prostate cleansing formulas are not a substitute for conventional medical therapy. One needs to check up with a health care professional before embarking on such exotic therapy.

Prostate cleansing therapies are varied and each formula consists of different herbs, nutrients, minerals, aromatic oils and trace elements. One can obtain prostate cleansing formulas from any health food store without a prescription. For acute treatment of prostate problems, the prostate cleanse formulas have to be consumed for 1-2 weeks. To prevent prostate problems, one should take these formulas on a daily basis for long periods.

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