3 Amazing Benefits of Bee Pollen

It’s unbelievable but there are many people around the world who have discovered 3 amazing benefits of bee pollen. There are many nutritional supplements on the market and while all of them claim to do this or that, it’s still up for discussion on whether or not pollen is beneficial. Scientific studies do show us that pollen is highly nutritional, but how is it benefitting others who have tried it?

Pollen for Weight Loss

Weight loss is at the top of the list for most people, and many are having success using pollen and love it. The reason so many people seem to have such success is because pollen contains high levels of vitamin B, and it’s high in protein. This means a few things, but for starters we know that vitamin B contributes to energy levels because it boosts metabolism, and we know that it also contributes to good digestion. These two benefits of the B vitamins together make it a winning combination for weight loss.

Pollen also contains high levels of protein which helps to suppress the appetite. Many who try to diet and eat less struggle with controlling their hunger, so protein is helpful when trying to lose weight for this very reason.

Pollen for Allergies

Those who suffer from nasal allergies may benefit from using pollen gathered by bees. There is a theory that says that taking pollen that is native to your region can help you overcome nasal allergy symptoms. Some are trying this and have had great results with it, while others can’t seem to tell much of a difference. The use of pollen does take time, so you can’t use it for one week and see results. You might even try pollen for a few months before you really notice a difference.

There is also a debate that says that pollen contains some ragweed. This is possible, especially in the Midwest, and when people get this in pollen they tend to get itchy, watery eyes, and possibly a scratchy throat too. Those who wish to become immune to it may want to continue with pollen. The idea is the same as a flu shot; in order to become immune to it you get a little bit of the flu injected into you. You might feel a reaction with flu Sonus Complete like symptoms, but after a few days you start to feel better.

Pollen for Sperm Count

There have been reports in European countries that men are taking pollen to increase their sperm count. Those couples who may have battled fertility problems are taking it to see what happens and they are having success with it. Pollen is loaded with the vitamins and minerals necessary to make things happen, and as a result couples are thrilled that they can bypass expensive procedures in order to get pregnant.

There are many more reports out there on bee pollen, so to each his own. Before trying anything it’s best to consult your physician, but with the success people are having around the world, it’s hard to contest the power of pollen!

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