5 Weight Loss Myths Debunked – The Truth About Successful Permanent Weight Loss

Congratulations! You have made a decision to lose weight, now it is time to get the right information. Designing your weight loss plan will take research, self-evaluation, time and effort. But let’s start my knocking some myths out of the equation.

According to the NHANES or National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007-2008, an estimated two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese and over one-third are obese. A very high figure that raises a great deal of concern among all of us since being overweight or obese can lead to many deadly diseases and illnesses.

With the overweight figure constantly increasing every year; so does the number of myths and lies about weight loss. It cannot be helped that some will give out information about weight loss that is untrue just to sell a product. Here are some example of myths and lies debunked about weight loss.

Myth #1 – Say Goodbye To All Your Favorite Foods

If you are like me, most of your favorite foods will be sweets and desserts. There is satisfaction in eating a chocolate bar or two while lounging on the sofa watching TV in the evening after a tiring day. Many of the resources available will say that you must give up chocolates, sweets and desserts in able to be successful.

Depriving yourself of your favorite food will only make you miserable and this will not help with your self Revitaa pro motivation. Furthermore, denying yourself of the things you love to eat will lead to binging. So you will just end up where you started.

The best thing to do is let yourself have the occasional dessert or sweets. You can even include it in your weight loss diet meal plan once in a while so that you do not go off track with what you eat. Another way of looking at it is you have something to look forward to after a week long of dieting; a reward or prize perhaps that you have been consistently good in your eating habits.

Myth #2 – Eating Less Meals

This is one of the most popular myths circulating regarding weight loss. Eating only one or two meals a day is very unhealthy for you as well as not very helpful in losing weight. In fact, most of the time, it will make you gain weight. Eating once a day will overload your system and all you ever want to do after eating that one meal is curl up and sleep.

Your metabolism also slows down because it goes into a starvation defense mode meaning if your body is deprived of the nutrients that it needs for energy, it will defend itself naturally, slowing down its burning fat process in order to conserve energy.

For your metabolic rate to be consistent in burning fats, eat three meals a day with snacks in between. Make sure that you decrease the amount of servings of the meals though. A carefully designed weight loss diet plan will help you tremendously with your weight loss.

Myth # 3 – Carbohydrates Are Bad

Have you ever heard someone say “how can she be so thin? She eats carbs for crying out loud!” Well, the truth be told, you do not have to altogether give up carbs to lose weight. Carbohydrates are vital substance that our bodies need. They do have calorie contents but giving up carbs will only make you lose water weight and there is a tendency that the weight will come back on after a while.

What you can do is include complex carbohydrates in your weight loss diet but designed it so that you consume them in the beginning of the day like breakfast and lunch to have sufficient energy to sustain you throughout your day’s activities. Then keep carbohydrates to minimal for dinner.

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