Golden Rule For a Flat Belly – Indulge in Your Food With a Passion That is Devoid of Guilt

Indulge in your food with Passion

This may seem like shocking advice to you, but I really believe in this one. When you decide that the occasion is right, the mood is set, the calories are worth it, the company is great, then you may indulge with a passion into your food. Sit back, relax, savor each bite and make it memorable.

Put your guilt in an envelope, stamp it and send it to the person you dislike the most omitting the return address.

Food is one of the major pleasures of life, and it’s a shame to ruin it with your negative thoughts.

What is the science behind this advice? Whatever you crave but deny yourself will only increase the intensity of the craving. Later on, you will give in because it is only human to do so, and you won’t enjoy it, and you’ll feel guilty the entire time, and you’ll hate yourself (which will increase your belly fat because your cortisol levels will rise).

Besides all that, if you indulge in your food with pleasure your body will thank you because you will digest your food in a relaxed manner which is always good for your hormones.

There are two caveats to my advice: You must stop eating when you feel full and you must eat slowly.

This is important for three reasons:

1) When you feel full, your stomach really is stuffed, and anything else you put into it will stretch it, making it bigger and hungrier for the next meal.

2) If you continue to ignore the “I am full” signal, your brain will stop listening to it altogether, making Okinawa Flat belly tonic it even more difficult for you to keep the weight off.

3) When you over-indulge and push past the “I am full” signal, you will feel sore and yucky and lazy afterwards taking away the enjoyment of your rare passionate food indulgence.

4) When you eat too quickly your stomach doesn’t have a chance to tell you it is full. Plus, you will eat a lot more and enjoy it less.

The right moment

There are different ways to enjoy your moment of passion with food. One way is to spontaneously wait for the right moment to arise. If this is the way you want to go, you must realize there are some dangers in this because the “right” moment might follow another “right” moment too closely.

The other option is to schedule it in. You can make a date with someone special or schedule a dinner party etc. You may be a person who likes to eat alone, or doesn’t have the opportunity to eat with someone else, that’s okay too, as long as you stop when you’re full.

How often can you indulge?

No more than once a week. If you are the spontaneous kind and you can’t stick to this rigidity, then spread your 4 monthly events anytime you want to in the month (but don’t have all four events in a row, please).

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